Facilitating Community Transportation in Collaboration with Local Partners

Foothills Area Mobility System

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FAMS One-Call Center

Virginia Regional Transit

Human Services Organizations

Non-Profit Service Agencies

Services and programs are funded through local, state, and federal funding.

FAMS manages several different initiatives aimed at expanding community transit options, providing support to members of our community who are elderly and/or disabled; and sharing transportation knowledge and resources.

Check out our community 'Transportation Resource Guide' for more detailed information. 

Get transportation with just one call!

540 829 5300

The FAMS Call Center offers free information and referrals for all available public, private, and volunteer transportation services in the region. 




Anyone is eligible, for any reason - medical appointments, work, interviews, social events, shopping trips, travel, etc.

With just one call you can speak with a mobility specialist who will work to help find you a ride! 

Get up to date information on all transportation news in the region!

Need more information? Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or feedback! 

Help make a difference in our community... Become a volunteer driver! 

Click here to learn more about all of the volunteer driver programs we partner with to fill transportation needs in our region! 

Guess what!? Now volunteer drivers can apply with one simple application for ALL of our partner programs, enabling easy volunteering for multiple agencies! Click here to download the application and send into the FAMS Call Center!